Individual programs for distance runners, triathletes, and sprinters/athletes. Online Programs are available as well.
You will receive an evaluation by Coach Ward in regard to running mechanics, fitness level, and training progression. In the sessions you will have a specific training plan under the supervision of Coach Mike Ward.  The Program is for beginners to veteran runners.

For Distance Runners
Coach Ward will improve your 800m to marathon times as appropiate.

From the track workouts, your running will become more efficient. Your running economy or Vo2 max will improve.  You will find your distance runs becoming easier due to your running economy improving.  Your body will adapt to the faster running over time just as your body will adapt to the increase in mileage from your long runs.

Running at an easy pace for all your runs will not stimulate the fast twitch muscles.  Some faster running is essential to provide adaptation for racing.  Such training must be performed correctly in terms of the distance run, pace of runs, and recovery between runs.

Coach Ward will monitor these factors so you can improve your running in a positive, healthy and productive manner.

For sprinters, football, basketball, baseball, soccer, and all other sports
Individual programs for sprinters and speed development for all sports will receive an evaluation by Coach Ward.
Training will work on athlete's running mechanics, correct form, and explosive training for speed development specific to sports played.